Clear-logo-WiMAX-LTEStrategy and vision for an IT organization is critical. Creativity from all levels of the organization will lead to a much wider vision…Excellent!  Sr. Director of IT

“On point and on time. Materials were very well put together and cover the topic.”  IT Analyst

“Fun!” IT Manager

“Loved it!”  Very valuable. IT Director

“The workshop allowed me to see how other in the company ideate and how we should ideate as a company.” Senior Software Designer

“We now have tools and strategies we could leverage!”  Sr. Systems Engineer

“Izzy had suggested I incorporate the one-word activity into my half-hour presentation to 60 people at a company event three days after the workshop. I was in two minds whether to do it or not, but by the time I came to the mike, the energy level had really come down so much because of the good food and the seduction of the air-conditioning on a hot afternoon – so it definitely called for …IMPROV! And Izzy, it worked! People were laughing away and trying to influence each other to get the storyline to where they wanted it, and that was right where I wanted them, because my presentation was about an extended Influence initiative that my company was offering! Thanks for encouraging me to do it.” S.W. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Here is what worked so well— rather than lecture and act as a ‘talking head- on the topic of “Yes-And”, you asked for a volunteer, engaged in a ‘live interaction’ of the ideas, gathered input from the audience about the experience and explained the process of “Yes-And” as all of this unfolded. A great teaching method…” D.Z. Amherst, MA

“Very useful, great takeaway of how to implement in my life.” Session participant, Washington, DC