Exercises and Games


These are a sampling of games and exercises you can use to develop your Innovation Agility.

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  1. What If

    Exploring possibilities and their consequences

    1 Thinks up a “what if” question starting with: “What would happen if (an
    unusual thing happens).”

    2 Give as many answers to this as you can

    Examples of “what ifs”

    What would happen if…
    …we fulfilled all of our goals 100% of the time?
    …we all were born with all we need to know?
    …we all got a 50% raise?
    …there were no more street signs?

  2. What In The *?#*!? Is It?

    Making the unusual usual

    1 Find some objects that are a little unusual looking (e.g. half of a tennis
    ball, a piece of a machine that you rarely see, an odd tool, etc.).

    2 Pass the objects around, one at a time each person says what they think
    it is by giving it a name and explaining what it does. The intention is for
    each person to give a different answer.

    Urge the team to not be literal here. The point of the game is not to find the real
    use of the object, but to develop uses that it could/might have.
    Do not judge the “rightness” or “wrongness” of the answers.